Acquiring a Company

Business growth through a strategic acquisition is a viable option for small and medium-size businesses.

A unique LINK offering, our acquisition search service delivers growth options for aspirational companies or financial sponsors.

 Acquiring another enterprise can often help fast track growth in your own company but determining fit and identifying synergies can be challenging.

An acquisition search with our specialist team at LINK Enterprise will take you on a journey that could encompass four key areas.


Reviewing your existing operations or acquisition criteria and discussing whether growth by acquisition is the best alternative. Organic growth may also be an achievable option.


Identifying the greatest opportunities for profitable growth – vertical or horizontal integration, diversification, geographic expansion, synergies, and economies of scale – many and varied ways to create additional cash flows and value.


Research on companies – national or international – fitting into that criteria as well as fitting the size and geographic scope of the search.


Project management of the sale transaction process – approaching potential sellers, negotiation and deal structuring and ensuring that all the financial, legal, and due diligence specialists perform their roles efficiently and without delay.

Our flexible model includes projects that are fixed-fee, success-based or a mixture of the two. Our goal is to ensure that our professionalism and dedication to your growth opportunity surpasses your expectations.

Interested to know how much your business is worth?

Our expert Business Transaction Advisors can help you assess the value of your business. Valuation is an excellent starting point toward deciding whether you are ready to sell or require assistance preparing to maximize valuation.