How to maximize your business value

How to increase your business value

At LINK Enterprise, our expert business transaction advisors engage with you to develop and implement a plan to refine the operation, so it produces maximum profits.  Our comprehensive, proven process addresses financial and non-financial aspects of value to maximize your outcome.

Focus on future business growth.

The future financial growth opportunities of a business can contribute dramatically to its sale price and the number of interested buyers. We help you calculate these projections and explore these opportunities with potential buyers to demonstrate the potential for the business under the new ownership.

Look far and wide for the best buyers.

The best buyers rarely come to you directly. LINK Enterprise offers expertise in defining the opportunity your business represents to the market, and then making direct contact with a wide range of potential acquirers. Confidentiality is key here and all potential acquirers are qualified and secured under a binding confidentiality agreement before specific details of your business are detailed.

Ensure that there are multiple buyers interested in your business.

Competition is an absolute must in any business sale process. So, to get the best value, deal terms and structure when selling, you need multiple potential acquirers at the deal table. LINK Enterprise has an extensive database of financial, strategic and individual buyers to create a competitive environment. We use contemporary marketing techniques, set deadlines, hold buyers to a timetable, control the process, and make it clear to buyers that there are multiple interested parties. We aim to bring you multiple options so you can choose the best fit and the right deal.

Understand and improve the value of your business

Rely on our expert business transaction advisors to assess the value of your business, guide you through the process of maximizing value, and find the best buyer for your business.